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You have searched for an Orlando Day Spa that is a state of the art, relaxing, purifying, cleansing Orlando Day Spa pleasure. Feel the comfort now, the Meisenheimer Day Spa is the perfect Orlando Day Spa for your youthful appearance and healthy existence that you desire and deserve.

Day Spa´s have come a long way over the years, especially the last five years. It used to be that if you were looking for a Day Spa, that would mean a massage, a steam room and maybe a facial. That was very relaxing.

In today´s modern world, Doctor´s have found new methods to purify your youth and vigor through and through with many different forms of modern, affordable technology.

For your Orlando Day Spa, do you want an experience created by a hotel chain? We think not. The pleasures that we have developed especially for your health come from one of Orlando´s most respected Dermatologist, Dr. John Meisenheimer, State Certified Dermatologist. Thousands of Doctors internationally visit his web website for ideas and explanations of skin care techniques.

After decades of treating clients for skin and other body ailments, Dr. Meisenheimer would listen to his friends that were going to Orlando day spas. He wondered why these spas were not using the technologies that would enhance the long term health of their clients.

This is why The Meisenheimer Day Spa sets itself apart from other Orlando day spas. After years of scientific studies, Dr. Meisenheimer decided not only to offer massage, but to offer various massages that effect his clients that have many different needs. Thus he developed the “Customized Meisenheimer Therapeutic Massage,” one the best in the world.

As opposed to just offering facials, Dr. Meisenheimer developed numerous, scientifically advanced facial methods to make you feel and look more healthy and youthful.

The Meisenheimer Day Spa, The Orlando Day Spa of choice, provides;

Massages (Swedish, Customized Therapeutic, Reflexology and More).

Facials (Organic Passion Peel, The Meisenheimer Signature Facial, Image Organic Facial, Moisture Boost Facial, Acne Facial, Bacne Facial, with Add Ons).

Laser Light Treatments (Blue Acne Light Treatments, Red Light Treatments, and other Laser Skin Treatments).


Assorted Orlando Day Spa Facial Peels (Four Layer Facelift, Wrinkle Lift Treatments, Lightening Lift Treatment, Organic Passion Peel, Glycolic or Lactic Acid Peels, and more).

Of course we offer Specialized Spa Packages created by You, for You.

At this Orlando day spa, if you´re looking for a vacation for your skin, we offer relaxing, healing, detoxification, renewing, and other refreshing skin therapies. If you´re looking for Aromatherapy, then this is just one of the many wonderful treatments you can enjoy at this Orlando day spa.

We are not just an Orlando day spa. All of the services we offer for your pleasure and health come from the knowledgeable experience of Dr. John J. Meisenheimer, one of Orlando´s most respected and experienced Dermatologist.

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*Blue Acne Light Treatments
*Red Light Treatments

This FDA approved non-invasive light treatment is great for reduction of acne and redness by up to 81%

*We are NOW OFFERING a full line of Pure Fiji and Image skin care products.

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